As I was writing about the movie Death Note: Light up the new World that i had just found out about, i also remembered watching this japanese series, based on the same manga, but from another producer, director, and of course other actors.

This series is, to my taste, not as good as the movies, but still a pretty good story if you are a Death Note fan.

The plot and many details are very different from the original story, which can be interesting but it can also annoy any hardcore fan like myself.

It is a mini series with only 15 episodes, so give it a try. If you need help finding it, tell me in a comment and I would be happy to help.

If you want to give me your opinion on the show, leave a comment, im always glad to talk to other Death note fans and exchange points of view.

P.S. I already wrote a review some time ago. You can read it here: Death Note Dorama (Live Action)