Ok, before you call me liar, idiot and who knows what else,  just hear me out.


I have seen the anime, just like about every one on the planet, and I know Goku turns out to be the greatest warrior of the universe and would be able to destroy the whole world with one attack. But before DBZ, Goku actually struggled to defeat simple humans. kid_prince_vegeta_by_maffo1989-d96mdin

Let´s compare Goku as a kid, with Vegeta Kid, Gohan, Goten and any other Saiyan on the series as a Kid. Any one would kick Goku´s ass by far. Only a little of Vegeta´s childhood was ever shown, but we can tell that he was a total badass. Even Gohan, the crybaby, showed a lot of strenght when he got angry. No Saiyan character ever shown was as week as Goku as a kid. If i am wrong, I ask that you correct me in the comment section.gohanpequeparapelear

But even so, I have always enjoyed watching little Goku train to win the martial arts tournament, only to see him loose against a human opponent.


I have noticed that there are a lot of DBZ and DB Super fans out there that haven´t watched the original Dragon Ball. If you are one of those people, i recommend that you watch it, and after that write me your opinion in the Comment section.