Every Dragon ball z fan knows that Krillin is the secondary character that always dies. And a lot of people make fun of this character.

I never liked Krillin, he was small, bald, didn’t have a nose and was always loosing. But if I think about it, i was wrong by not liking him.

If we don’t count the androids, sayians and all the other aliens in the story, Krillin is actually the strongest human of the world. The only other strong humans are yamcha and Ten-Shien-Han. But I think that in most, if not all, of the Dbz story Krillin is stronger than them.

And he is probably also the bravest one, since he sacrificed himself in many ocassions just to give Goku time to heal, train or arrive at the place.

Not to mention that his technique, Kiensan, is the coolest technique of all time.


So next time you read a joke about Krillin dying a lot and you are about to laugh, just remember he could kick your ass.
Oh and I found this picture, where we can see his nose.