Many years ago, (when I was discovering what the internet was all about) I stumbled upon this great movie in ebay that was based on the anime Death Note. I checked it out but since I was still just a kid I couldn’t buy it.

About 2 months later, when i had already completely forgotten about what I was checking out. I recieved a package with a DVD in it from a guy named Danny from a foreign country. I inmediately thought of my cousin Danny that lived in that country (that shares my love for anime, by the way). I was curious how he would have known that I wanted that movie, but i had no way of contacting my cousin, so I let it go and enjoyed the movie.

After a while, for some reason I remembered that ebay post, and i looked it up again. It turns out i clicked BUY by mistake and the guy sent it to me without confirming the payment. I tried to contact the guy and explain what had happened and pay for the DVD. But I never got an answer to the emails I sent him later.

I’m sorry I never got to pay that guy but on the other hand I got the Death Note Movie DVD, which is nice.